Sex Talents of a Partner

Hope was good at her job. She was sexy a real estate agent. She had won many awards for her work and was a well known face in her neighborhood. She was always early to every open house making sure that she either baked cookies or brownies to make potential buyers feel welcomed into the homes that she was selling. She never let her guard down and only stopped to take a break when it was absolutely necessary. On this day in particular, she was very busy. She had closing documents to draft for a recently sold property, and she had two open houses scheduled back to back. She drafted the necessary documents. Then, she left the office for her first open house. Hope arrived early, as usual, and baked cookies. This trick usually worked. She received a full price offer on the first house and quickly accepted it.

She climbed into her car and made her way three counties over to her next open house. She baked brownies this time and sat waiting to see if anyone would show up. After about an hour no one showed up. She decided to wait for another hour before she had to travel three counties in the opposite direction to get back to her office, but she was getting bored. What would she do with an hour of free time? She took out her phone, went to the Xnxxca adult website and pushed play on a video. She immediately got horny as she watched two women having sex. Hope was completely unaware that anyone else was in the house with her. “Any potential buyers?”, said a voice from behind her. Hope jumped and turned around. It was Betsy, her business partner. Hope tried to quickly click the red X to exit from the website and the video. “No, not yet.”, she said. Betsy had already seen most of what Hope had been watching. She walked over to her and sat on the couch beside her. The video had made Betsy horny too. Betsy leaned over to kiss Hope. As they kissed Betsy slid her hand down into Hope’s pants feeling her clit and warm wet pussy.